Podcast interview: Tiffany talks prom, romance and The ’80s Cruise


Here’s the amazing thing about Tiffany, the pop princess a generation of us grew to love beginning in the late ’80s. She’s probably done tens of thousands of interviews over the last 30 years or so. and normally that’s bad news for the next guy who has the challenge of pulling water from a stone. That was me this time around. But you know what? Tiffany just dazzled me. We talked like old friends just reconnecting after a year. (I had, in fact, done an email interview with prior to this year’s ’80s Cruise, but those rarely reveal anything new.)

Instead, we talked freely about stuff like Nashville’s traffic, what it’s like going on a cruise ship for the first time and why missing your senior prom is no cause for concern later in life. And yeah, when I tried to rattle her by asking for her ’80s romance playlist, she delivered some gems – even professing her love for Air Supply. So enjoy this week’s podcast. And if you end up thinking Tiffany is “every woman in the world to you,” now you’ll know why.