Friday rewind: Breaking up in the ’80s with guest Deborah Foreman


Few Stuck in the ’80s podcasts have as many fans as this infamous episode: the official “Breaking Up in the ’80s” show with special guest Deborah Foreman. The show was recorded a week after Spearsy was dumped by the villainous “Vegas Girlfriend” and the pain was still pretty fresh.

The show was originally conceived to be a memorial to the best “break-up” movie scenes and songs from the ’80s. But in the middle of the despair of planning the show, a thought emerged: Why not try to get a guest on the show to break up the depression? Spearsy sent an email to Deborah and the rest is history.

To those wondering if Spearsy’s luck with women has changed over the years, the answer is still “hell no.” He’s just been smart enough to keep the stories of the craziest women – and there have been a few – to himself nowadays.