Podcast: 2016 moments in time … and our blooper reel


Most people will probably look at 2016 as a year full of sadness and disappointment. We lost a lot of great ’80s artists (as well as unforgettable celebrities from other decades). Terrorism again seemed unstoppable. And no matter who you rooted for, the U.S. presidential race was probably far from ideal for anyone.

At Stuck in the ’80s, we marked time with several special podcasts. We recorded one for the Space Shuttle Challenger anniversary. For Prince’s death. For the 35th anniversary of MTV. We even tried a new format to mourn the passing of George Michael.

But as is tradition here, we mark the start of every year with our annual Blooper Reel. Each show we record, we set side our goofs and blunders and give them new life on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the show. And let’s hope we all enjoy 2017 more than 2016.