13 Must-Have Items for The 80s Cruise

In just a few short weeks, the fourth voyage of The 80s Cruise sets sail from Fort Lauderdale. On board are a slew of our favorite artists, including Kenny Loggins, OMD, Sheila E, The Fixx and many more.

Also on board: 2,000-plus ’80s fanatics who have spent the last few years perfecting their packing list for this unusual trip. And yet, each we discover new items that really need to be added to make the vacation we call “Adult Spring Break” even better.

Here are 10 items that I recommend you buy and add to your packing list for The 80s Cruise.

USB-POWERED FAN: For safety reasons, the Celebrity Infinity doesn’t allow electrical powered fans on the ship. USB fans. though, make the cut. I found this travel-sized fan online and it works beautifully. (BUY IT NOW)

EMERGEN-C POWDER: The flip side to “Adult Spring Break” is that your body can’t hold up to the rigors of that challenge at our age. If you’re smart, you’ll start taking this daily supplement right about now and continue on through the cruise. Get the orange-flavored one – it’s the right note to drink at breakfast each morning on the ship. (BUY IT NOW)

IBUPROFEN: Yes, you were probably already thinking of bringing some pain meds for those morning hangovers. But let me suggest you add Advil (or whatever brand you choose) to the list, and here’s why: It’ll cure your sunburn too. How? Sunburn is an inflammation of your skin. Ibuprofen eases inflammation. Take a couple pills and someone could slap you right on your sunburn and you won’t yelp. Promise. (BUY IT NOW)

TRAVEL BLANKET: You can use this as a picnic blanket while on the beach, as an extra pillow (while folded up) in your cabin and even just as a regular ol’ blanket on your balcony during any cool mornings. (BUY IT NOW)

WATERPROOF WATCH: Don’t risk ruining your Swatch while while snorkeling at any of our ports. A cheap waterproof watch could mean the difference between making the ship’s departure on time or spending an extra day on an island without your luggage! (BUY IT NOW)

NON-DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLE: I found this ’80s-friendly bottle online. It’s unique enough that it won’t be accidentally thrown away by the ship’s staff and still the perfect vessel for stowing away a drink from the dining rooms. (BUY IT NOW)

GINGER ROOT PILLS: Last year’s voyage on The 80s Cruise was smooth sailing, but you never know what’s in store for you when sailing the Caribbean. Many people report that taking ginger pills will quickly ease sea-sickness. They’re not easily found in grocery stores, so I found my bottle here. (BUY IT NOW)

POP ROCKS: Sure, you can hope to score some of these at Big ’80s Trivia on the cruise, but when we run out, you’ll be hankering for more. They’re super cheap to buy online and make for great giveaways to new friends you’ll meet on board. Oh, and that rumor that you shouldn’t eat Pop Rocks with soda or you risk having your stomach explode? Total urban legend. (BUY IT NOW)

CD COVERS AND SHARPIES: Here’s a tip – don’t bring the whole CD for an artist to sign … just bring the paper cover. CD cases tend to be the first thing crushed while traveling (a lesson I learned last year). Also, carry two different colored Sharpies with you so you’re all set when you run into your hero in the elevator. (BUY IT NOW)

’80s COLOGNE FOR MEN: You’re not truly back in the ’80s unless you smell that way. Thankfully most of the distinctive scents from our beloved decade – Drakkar is my personal fave – can be found online. (BUY IT NOW)

LOVE’S BABY SOFT PERFUME: I’m not sure this is an appropriate fragrance for those “our age,” but ladies – if you want to feel (and smell) like you’re 11 years old again, this is the scent for you. (BUY IT NOW)

LIP SMACKERS: Good news – this is recommended for ’80s fans age “6 and up.” Go back to a more innocent time when lip gloss came in these flavors: Vanilla, Mango, Wild Raspberry, Watermelon, Tropical Punch, Cotton Candy, Kiwi, Strawberry. Just mind the one important safety warning: “For external use only.” Eww. (BUY IT NOW)

SCRUNCHIES: Oh sure, we ALL remember these neon delights. These might come in handy on the cruise late, late at night when you want to keep your hair out of the water. You know what I mean. (BUY IT NOW)

And let’s just keep this final item between ourselves, shall we?