Stuck in the ’80s turns 15

Our podcast officially turns 15 years old on July 25. Is that crazy? We’ve lasted 5 years longer than the decade we honor. To mark the occasion, we’re hoping that our listeners will post photos of official Stuck in the ’80s swag on their social media pages with the hashtag #sit80s.

Later this month, we’ll pull all the submitted photos and send some special swag to a handful of listeners.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has emailed, IM’d, called, sent a telegram, wrote a haiku, or otherwise pushed good vibes our way over the last decade and a half. My cohosts and I are beside ourselves with never-ending appreciation. This deep dive of nostalgia will march forward as long as you keep listening, because we remain here, hopelessly, stuck in the ’80s.

… Spearsy