Episode 475: End of Summer in the ’80s

The summer is over and the Stuck in the ’80s hosts are taking the podcast time machine back to the season-ending moments from their beloved decade. We talk about the movies, music and memories of Summer in the ’80s.

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Bonus episode: Interview with 80s Cruise Director

In this special bonus episode of Stuck in the ’80s, we talk to JT Watters, the cruise director of The 80s Cruise. JT will tell us his favorite secret getaways on the ship, his favorite port activities for 2019 and his memories of a very bawdy rendition of Twister on the 2016 voyage. 

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Episode 474: Top 5 TV Misfires in the ’80s

For every “Family Ties” in the ’80s, there was a “Small Wonder.” For each “A-Team,” a “Manimal.” Forgotten TV podcast host Chris Cooling joins the show this week to share his picks for the Top 5 TV Misfires of the ’80s.

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Episode 473: Steve Perry’s New Music | Madonna Turns 60 | Queen of Soul Passes

What a roller-coaster week for ’80s fans! We get new music from Steve Perry. Madonna turns 60. And we lost Aretha Franklin. We explore it all and relive our 2011 interview with Steve Perry (included in this show).

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Episode 472: Summer of ’84 movie review and Graham Verchere interview

Actor Graham Verchere is our special guest as we talk about his new movie “Summer of ’84,” a thriller set in our beloved ’80s. You can see “Summer of 84” in select theaters August 10th and on VOD and digital platforms August 24th.

Also this week, the return of “Please Please Tell Me Now.”

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Episode 471: ’80s Redux author/photographer Mike Hipple interview

Mike Hipple is the author of a new book about our decade: “80s Redux: Your Favorite Musicians Today.” He joins us on this week’s podcast to talk about his book and his encounters with some of the most beloved artists of our decade, including Dave Wakeling of the English Best, Cindy Wilson of the B-52s and more.

Mike is also giving away a free signed copy of his book for this week’s seggie winner.

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