Podcast: We wrap up the ’80s Cruise for 2017


Wow. It’s been almost two weeks since we got off the ship at the end of the 2017 voyage of The 80s Cruise and it feels like the entire year is over. Hell, we wish it was so we’d be that much closer to the 2018 voyage, hosted by Rick Springfield.

Anyway, Brad and Spearsy sat down a day after getting back from Fort Lauderdale and recorded a wrap-up show. There are also new seggies (which means you finally get the answers to the old seggies). Hope you can join us in 2018! News on discounted rates should be coming any day now.

Listen to all 3 podcasts from The 80s Cruise


The 80s Cruise is over for 2017. What a depressing thought! We had a BLAST on this year’s voyage, and we recorded three podcasts while on board to prove it. (Another wrap-up podcast is coming in the next few days.) BTW, if you’re wondering what the top moment was, it has to be the performances by Terri Nunn and Berlin!

Here are the shows in case you missed them.




Podcast: Looking ahead to 30th anniversaries in 2017

Well, we got through 2016. Some people thought we wouldn’t make it through all the calamities, but here we are. Time to dust ourselves off and start a new year. 2017 will be full of “interesting” anniversaries for film, music, TV and pop culture.

Wait, did we say TV? But we NEVER talk about TV on the podcast! That’s going to change this year too.

So buckle up, set a course for the new year and make it so.

Podcast: 2016 moments in time … and our blooper reel


Most people will probably look at 2016 as a year full of sadness and disappointment. We lost a lot of great ’80s artists (as well as unforgettable celebrities from other decades). Terrorism again seemed unstoppable. And no matter who you rooted for, the U.S. presidential race was probably far from ideal for anyone.

At Stuck in the ’80s, we marked time with several special podcasts. We recorded one for the Space Shuttle Challenger anniversary. For Prince’s death. For the 35th anniversary of MTV. We even tried a new format to mourn the passing of George Michael.

But as is tradition here, we mark the start of every year with our annual Blooper Reel. Each show we record, we set side our goofs and blunders and give them new life on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the show. And let’s hope we all enjoy 2017 more than 2016.