Listen on Android devices

Android devices make up almost 80% of the worldwide smartphone market, but unfortunately there isn’t a default Android podcast listening app. You’ve got a lot of choices out there, to be sure, but one of the most popular is called Pocketcasts. The base app is free and should be available in your device’s “app store.” The logo looks like this:

Once you’ve installed the app on your device, click on it, you’ll see a screen like this:

How handy, there’s a search bar there just waiting to be used!

Tap that and type “Stuck into the 80s” into the search bar:

Well how about that, we’re the top result for that search.

Go ahead and click on the logo, that will bring you to our podcast’s page.

You’ve come all this way, you should probably go ahead and click that enticing “Subscribe” button, don’t you think?

Once you’ve subscribed that button will be replaced by some new graphics, including a little gear icon.

Click on that to get into the settings screen.

Toggle the “Auto Download” button to on (as shown above) and Pocketcasts will download new episodes as soon as we post them. Honestly, what could be better than that?

Now click the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen and pick an episode to start listening!