Episode 472: Summer of ’84 movie review and Graham Verchere interview

Actor Graham Verchere is our special guest as we talk about his new movie “Summer of ’84,” a thriller set in our beloved ’80s. You can see “Summer of 84” in select theaters August 10th and on VOD and digital platforms August 24th.

Also this week, the return of “Please Please Tell Me Now.”

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Episode 471: ’80s Redux author/photographer Mike Hipple interview

Mike Hipple is the author of a new book about our decade: “80s Redux: Your Favorite Musicians Today.” He joins us on this week’s podcast to talk about his book and his encounters with some of the most beloved artists of our decade, including Dave Wakeling of the English Best, Cindy Wilson of the B-52s and more.

Mike is also giving away a free signed copy of his book for this week’s seggie winner.

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Episode 470: Epic Metal Albums Turning 30

Remember way back in ye olden days when Stuck in the ’80s promised to do more shows on metal? Well, we did one. And now we’re doing another. Special guest host Dave Dirt joins to show to give up the goods on three amazing metal albums that turned 30 in 2018.

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Episode 469: Revisiting the Songs that Ended the ’80s

concept image, the end key from a computer keyboard

What’s that quote from Tom Cruise in “Cocktail?” All things end badly – otherwise they wouldn’t end. So how did the ’80s end? With a bang or a whimper? Or was it just a overly choreographed music video from some one-hot wonder. On this week’s podcast, we revisit an older episode and second-guess our picks for songs that ended the ’80s.

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End date: August 15, 2018.

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Episode 468: The 80s Cruise Theme Night Reveal with Special Guest


The 2019 voyage of The 80s Cruise is shaping up to be truly unique. A new ship. New theme nights. New bands, of course. And to help us all wrap our nostalgia-filled brains around it, The 80s Cruise production manager Joey Fairchild visits the podcast to give us the latest scoop.

Plus, Spearsy tries to stump Brad in LA and Jen With One N with a special cruise trivia challenge.

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Episode 467: Midnight Run Turns 30

Midnight Run, probably the best road movie of the ’80s, is now 30 years old. Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin gave us one of the best anti-buddy flicks of our time, so our hosts gather to honor the film – and Spearsy continues to work out issues related to “Lasangerie Girl.” Plus, there’s an unrelated but epic fight over … Star Trek?!?

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