15th Anniversary Podcast: our 15 Favorite Interviews

Stuck in the ’80s turned 15 years old in July. To mark the occasion, Spearsy and B-Rad chose their 15 favorite interview moments from the podcast’s history. Listen to our chats with Martha Quinn, Brian Johnson, Howard Jones, Tom Bailey and many more.

Also this episode, we talk about our new Patreon program. You can find a link to it in the menu of our website or by clicking here.

Here are the links to the complete interviews featured in this week’s podcast:

Episode 90 – Brian Johnson
Episode 213 – Howard Jones
Episode 546 – Terri Nunn
Episode 183 – Carl Weathers
Episode 257 – Dennis DeYoung
Episode 287 – Nina Blackwood
Episode 318 – Tom Bailey
Episode 122 – Debbie Gibson
Episode 55 – Stan Ridgway
Episode 321 – Mike Reno
Episode 97 – Martha Quinn
Episode 180 – Stewart Copeland
Episode 552 – John Parr
Episode 179 – Debbie Foreman

Episode 251 – Steve Perry